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Feb. 2nd, 2010 10:21 pm
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An amazing girl named Mina (who is not on LJ) had made a fantastic trailer for Misha Collins Makes A Match

Am going to add this link to the master post

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Title: Misha Collins Makes A Match
Author name: [ profile] hils
Artist name: [ profile] zanao
Fandom: CWRPS
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Tom/Michael
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 31,000
Summary: Bad enough that Jensen has realised he's in love with his best friend, now he has to endure the devious matchmaking efforts of Misha Collins and all of this while he's being dragged around the country on a road trip.
Written for [ profile] rpf_big_bang


First of all thanks to [ profile] buyo105, [ profile] chosenfire28 and [ profile] pignapoke for hosting this challenge. It's really forced me to come out of my comfort zone to tackle something that's three times longer than anything I have ever done in the past and with an entirely new pairing for me to write to boot.

Secondly I have to thank [ profile] kitty_poker1 who did a stirling job as my beta and read draft after draft as well as helping to calm me whenever I was flailing and panicking. This fic wouldn't exist without her.

Thanks to [ profile] sinnerforhire for being my cheerleader throughout this process as well as fishing out any leftover Britishisms. Without your encouragement I doubt I would have even signed up for this let alone completed it. She also gets an extra special thanks for asking Misha in person whether he was a vegetarian so I could make my fic just that little bit more realistic *g*

Thanks to [ profile] vichan for taking the time to help me plan out the road trip and work out where the boys were going to stop as well as providing me with loads of ideas for things they could do. It would have made for a very boring fic without her

Also thanks also to [ profile] tasabian, [ profile] lexalicious70 and [ profile] littlehollyleaf for both answering my questions about the boys when they arose and for reading over the first draft for me. It all helped SO much.

And finally thanks to all my friends on LJ and Twitter who put up with all my whining, angsting and flailing for the three months it took me to do this. You guys are awesome!

Edit: You can now download a .pdf version of the fic here

Part One ¦ Part Two ¦ Part Three ¦ Art Master Post ¦ Soundtrack ¦ Trailer


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